On August 11th at our Weekly Meeting, we had guest speaker Judiana Henry from Meadowlands BV. which is one of the most popular garbage collectors on the island! 

11th August 2020

Weekly Meeting 

At our weekly meeting, we had Judiana Henry from Meadowlands BV as our guest speaker!

The topic was: “Waste Management & Recycling” 

Recycling was not always a part of their services, but after Hurricane Irma in 2017 when they saw the amount of debris and garbage all over the island and especially the landfill, that is where Mr. Richardson who is the current owner took on the initiative to add recycling to their services! 

Meadowlands is one of the most recognized garbage companies on the island, and they also like to give back to the community! 

It can be in contributing their time and workers for a cleanup, placing bins for an organization that needs assistance and also sponsorship for a worthy cause! 


Pictured: President Grace presented a token of appreciation to Judiana Henry for sharing her time and knowledge with the Club members and guests!