On February 16th 2021, our Guest Speaker was Rotarian Natasha Parchment-Clarke, and she spoke about Conflict Resolution! 

At our weekly meeting on Tuesday February 16th, PP Natasha Parchment- Clarke was our guest speaker. 

As the Director of Training Tree, based in Montego Bay, Natasha revels in designing & delivering custom made series for her clients who laugh and learn through her down-to-earth sessions. 

During our meeting, she presented about ‘Conflict Resolution’ in Peace Month. Natasha started with the definition of both ‘Conflict’ and ‘Resolution’. Then she explained that there are two paths when handling conflict ourselves; the Negative Path and the Positive Path. The ‘Negative Path’ ends in an incomplete resolution, whilst the ‘Postive Path’ ends in a complete resolution. Sometimes paths can cross over.


Furthermore, she shared the 6 steps to resolving conflict:

1. Recognition by the parties involved that a problem exists;

2. Identify & clarify what the disagreement is;

3. Brainstorm and evaluate solutions then choose the best solution;

4. Determine the responsibilities each party has in the resolution;

5. Choose a follow-up date to evaluate

6. Celebrate your success


In closing, Natasha recognized that there are 5 types of people when dealing with a conflict:

- The Competing party;

- The Collaborating party;

- The Comprimising party; 

- The Avoiding party

- The Accomodating party


At the end of the presentation, President Grace presented Natasha with a certificate of appreciation!