On February 2nd, we had Vanessa Fraser the Director of the Safe Haven Foundation as our Guest Speaker! 

At our weekly meeting at Pineapple Pete, we had Guest Speaker Vanessa Fraser who is the Director of the Safe Haven Foundation!

She spoke to us about Conflict Resolution,

Vanessa encouraged us to practice C.A.L.M. which stands for: Clarity, Ask, Listen and Move Forward.

We were also informed of the do’s and don’ts of conflict resolution:


- Take a time out

- Listen actively

- Ask questions

- Request the presence of a neutral third party

- Allow each other to blow off steam




- Mix up the issues

- Be spiteful

- Speak for others

- Look for allies

- Give negative criticism 

- Become emotional


The presentation was very fruitful and informative!

President Grace presented Vanessa with a token of appreciation for being our guest speaker of the night!