On February 9th 2021, our Guest Speaker was Community Police Officer Helen Cristina Romeo who spoke to us about Conflict Resolution! 

At our Virtual Club Meeting, we had Community Police Officer Helen Cristina Romeo as our Guest Speaker who spoke about Conflict Resolution! The meeting was super interactive!

She spoke about the United Nations and about how there was a spike conflicts on St. Maarten because of the Covid-19 Pandemic for example with behavioral and educational conflict.

She also spoke about conflict starters which are: name calling, pushing/shoving, being bossy, accusing, blaming, spreading rumors, generalizing and teasing - just to make a few!

Police Officer Helen informed us of ways to resolve a conflict by:

- Stop. Take a breath

- Talk and listen to the other person

- Think of ways to solve the problem together

- Choose an idea that you both like 

A quote by Mattie JT Stepanek was quoted: “Choose to make peace a habit. Live it. Think peaceful thoughts, say peaceful words, live peaceful actions. Be a peace maker.”

President Grace presented Community Police Officer Helen with a Certificate Appreciation!