At our Virtual Meeting - President Grace showed us an uplifting and encouraging video from Rotary International President Holger Knaack! 

4th August 2020 

Virtual Meeting 

President Grace showed everyone present a video that was recommended by PAG Audley Knight of Rotary International President Holger Knaack giving a talk in San Diego!

This video was taken before his Presidency and he spoke about growing Rotary, but without any specific numbers.

Also, how we can appeal to the younger generation by preserving the environment.

Rotary has diversity which is great, held together by values we share although we are of different cultures!

Rotary is experienced differently everywhere but the values of the Four Way Test remain the same 

Rotarians don’t just donate money, we also do service and see the impact first hand. Every act of service will inspire and change us!

It’s not just a Club to join, it’s an endless opportunity to serve

As Rotarians we are blessed to take on leadership roles at this moment for our organization. And, whatever we do opens another opportunity for someone somewhere!