At our weekly meeting, we had Michael Benjamin & Paul Bell from Island Hoops which is a non profit foundation formed in 2015!


 On Tuesday June 8th, we had Michael Benjamin and Paul Bell from Island Hoops as our guest speakers. Island Hoops is a not-for-profit Foundation, which was founded in 2015. Island Hoops is in the business of skills development training, taking Sint Maarten basketball to the next level. Paul is the Founder and Michael is currently the President of Island Hoops. Paul and Michael gave us some more insight in their organization. Island Hoops is dedicated to developing a solid fundamental foundation for each player. Their focus is on skill development training for players of all levels, primarily under age 18. Island Hoops strives to improve the overall level of basketball on Sint Maarten, as well as the way serious athletes train. Since 2015, they have achieved the following: 

- (Celebrity) Summer Camps 

- Recruitment Camps 

- Youth Development Program 

- 3x3 National Qualifiers 

- 3x3 High school Tournaments 

- Shoot Hoops Not Guns 

- Overall Reach: 700+ players 

Paul also explained what the most commonly played form of basketball worldwide is; the 3x3 basketball. In conclusion they shared some future activities. Currently they are raffling a brand-new Hyundai I10 for $10 a ticket. They are hoping that they can partner up with Mid Isle, to be more successful. The funds will be used for much needed basketball equipment and materials. At the end of a very interesting presentation, Michael and Paul were presented with a token of appreciation on behalf of the club. 


On Tuesday May 25th, IPP Aernout was rewarded a PHF pin for serving as a President in 2019-2020, which made him a PHF+5. Aernout’s continous contributions to the Rotary Foundation landed him with yet another PHF. During our meeting on Tuesday June 8th, Aernout was pinned by DGE Louis, with his PHF+6 pin. Congratulations Aernout, way to go!