Details of our meeting on July 14th 

We had the pleasure of having as our Guest Speaker Distinguished Toastmaster Rolando Tobias speak to us about membership! 

DTM Tobias also spoke about Rotary International’s RI President Holger Knaack’s theme : “Rotary Opens Opportunities”

And, he left us with a wonderful closing that as we are in our Rotary journey, we continue to influence people on a daily basis. And even though we are in a position to do great thing, we can also do little things for the average man and woman in a great way! 

Thank you DTM Tobias for your inspiring presentation! 

President Grace presented DTM Tobias with a token of appreciation


IPP Aernout & Secretary Jon were sung the birthday song during our meeting and President Grace presented them both with Birthday Greeting cards from the Club members!


President Grace also presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Armando Heyliger for helping us set up for Change of Board & for being our bartender that night! 







              DGE Louis singing Happy Birthday 
 President Grace presenting a Token of Appreciation to our Guest Speaker DTM Rolando Tobias
President Grace presenting Happy Birthday Greeting Cards to IPP Aernout & Secretary Jon
President Grace presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to Armando Heyliger