Guest speaker on Public Image
During our weekly meeting on Tuesday November 17th, we had District Public Image Chair William Inniss as our guest speaker. William talked about the Rotary Brand and explained that our brand reflects our identity, our vision, and our essence, as well as our values. It represents our unique culture and our approach to creating lasting, positive change.
People’s perception of Rotary/ Rotaract comes from their experiences with our clubs and programs, along with the stories we tell and the images we share. Compelling, consistent brand communications — together with a great experience — can strengthen our brand and help us engage and attract more members, donors, and partners.
The Masterbrand Signature is our official logo and combines the wheel with the word “Rotary” (Rotary’s wordmark). Our logo can’t be altered in any way. The wheel and the wordmark must always appear together.
Both the Masterbrand Signature and the Masterbrand Signature Simplified can be used on all print and digital applications. William also showed correct and incorrect
Uses of the Rotary Brand. At the end of the presentation, William was presented with a token of appreciation.