On April 13th, we had Sasha Mall from JogaSXM as our guest speaker.
On April 13th we had Sasha Mall form Joga SXM as our guest speaker at our weekly meeting. Sasha is certified as a Baby Yoga & Baby Massage instructor. She is currently pursuing certification to work as a birth/postpartum doula so that she may further support women. 
The presentation covered the importance for a woman trusting in her body's ability to give birth. When the birthing process proceeds without any interference, both the mother and baby will thrive during birth and during the immediate weeks to follow.
Women are not properly educated on their rights regarding birth procedures. It is important for them to make informed choices for themselves and their babies. They should have adequate information about the risks and benefits of specific procedures, drugs, tests and treatments or alternatives available to them. This is where having the support of a doula can be really beneficial during pregnancy, birth and the newborn period. A doula does not provide medical care, but supports the mother both physically and emotionally. She is someone who is educated in childbirth and can explain all the options available to help the mother feel more in control of the process. She can also work as a team with the father during the woman's labor- helping everyone to have a positive birth experience. Prenatal and birth preparation classes are an excellent form of maternal health care.
Without knowledge the expectant mother is left to rely on the medical system. This usually results in interventions and complications due to interference of this natural process. Once one intervention starts, a cascade of interventions usually follows which causes stress for both mother and baby during the birth. If a woman has a traumatic birth experience this can affect her for the rest of her life - especially if she never addresses it. When a woman feels a lack of control during birth and has poor care/support, she's more at risk of developing postnatal depression (PTSD). Birth trauma is also the cause of PTSD- which can affect the emotional development of the child.
Sasha concluded her presentation by saying:” The way that birth care is organized will have a powerful and important effect on society. Good beginnings make a positive difference in the world. It's worth our while to provide the best possible care for mothers and babies throughout this extraordinarily influential part of their lives.”
The presentation was very informative and encouraged a lot of questions and discussions.
At the end of the presentation, Sasha was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the club.