Guest speakers on " Positively impact and influence the next generation"
On Tuesday April 20th, we had the sisters Sanaja Chuganey and Lavina Sahijram as our guest speakers. Sanjana and Lavina are the founders of Connect2Kid. They are passionate about working with children, youth and their families. Sanjana who is a trained school counselor, and Lavina who is a pediatric physical therapist, decided to focus on parenting/caregiving during the early childhood years to help set a strong foundation for children’s future. Their motto is to positively impact and influence the next generation, and they presented about that.
Connect2Kid nurtures parents from birth to preschool to equip their children with the physical, emotional and social skills for the future. They provide a safe space to listen, validate, appreciate and celebrate their early childhood development journey, while strengthening that parent to child connection. Sanjana and Lavina explained the benefits of a Parent- Child Connection, which are:
  • Protective factors that reduce a child’s probability of involvement in gangs;
  • Secure attachment promotes health growth and development in children.
Furthermore, they  explained that the first 5 years are the foundation that shapes children’s future health, happiness, growth, development and learning achievement in school, in the familiy and  community, and in life in general. Sanjana and Lavina conclueded by saying: “It takes a village to raise a child” . And they reminded us that we are a big support who also impact a child’s life by supporting the parents with the little ones.
The presentation was informative and interactive, and the guest speakers were presented with a token of appreciation for sharing valuable knowledge with us.