Guest Speaker on Dementia- Alzheimer Prevention
On Tuesday December 7th, we had Raymond Jessurun as our guest speaker, and his topic was “Dementia- Alzheimer’s Prevention and Treatment”.  Raymond is the co-founder and Secretary of the Sint Maarten Alzheimer’s Foundation (SMAF). Alzheimer Disease is a type of Dementia. Raymond started by sharing his own personal encounter with Dementia, from which his mother-in-law was suffering, and how it affected him. He then dived in the differences between Dementia and Alzheimer Disease and the symptoms. Raymond explained the development and the effects of Dementia. How to reduce the risks of developing Dementia. And that it is possible to live healthy with Dementia.
Furthermore, Raymond shared some DO’s and Don’ts, when dealing with persons with Dementia.
Finally, he explained that we as Rotarians can make a difference, just like the late Rotarian Dr. Jacob Roy Kuriakose, who was the Founder and Chairman of the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society in India.
It was very informative and interesting presentation, that encouraged a lot of questions. Raymond was presented with a token of appreciation on behalf of the club.