Mr. Rikson Martina from the Miss Lalie Center as our guest speaker. 
On Tuesday February 8th, we had Mr. Rikson Martina from the Miss Lalie Center as our guest speaker. The Miss Lalie Center (MLC) is named after Miss Eulalie Meyers, who was known for preaching to Pointe Blanche prisoners for more than 40 years. MLC is a youth detention center that offers a rehabilitation program for clients between the ages of 12 and 21, who have been referred by a judge because they have committed a (serious) crime.
MLC is committed to providing the young clients with the opportunity to live, learn and grow in an environment that is supportive of positive behavior and cognitive-based treatment. These goals shall be accomplished by the facility staff working in partnership with the in-mates, family, committing courts, and community.
Behavior Expectations of the Youth (clients) during their time at MLC:
  • Take ownership for behavior,
  • Encouragement: (Support your peers to make better choices),
  • Self-Control: (Follow rules/expectations, keep your anger in check),
  • Positive Attitude: (Maintain a positive attitude and be a role model/leader),
  • Empathy: (Consider others feelings),
  • Constructive Criticism: (Accept feedback without arguing),
  • Treat Others As You Would Like to be Treated.
Positive communication with others is an important part of their treatment at MLC, we have outlined the following expectations when communicating with staff and other clients.
Communication is a basics kills which is thought and expected at MLC.
In all, MLC is founded in the basic tools of Young Minds and should be understood as such.  We are catering to recreate/or readjust the young men to think and become better individual of oneself.
It was a very informative presentation. At the end Mr. Martina was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation.