At our Weekly Meeting on Tuesday July 27th, we had Secretary General from the Ministry of General Affairs St. Maarten Hensley Plantijn as our Guest Speaker.
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At our Weekly Meeting on Tuesday July 27th, we had Hensley Plantijn as our Guest Speaker, and his topic was: “The Legislation and Legislative process of Sint Maarten. Hensley is the Secretary General of the Ministry of General Affairs, since October 2014. Last year April, he published his book “The Constitution of Sint Maarten, when it is time to vote”. Mr. Plantijn states that there is nothing more satisfying than sharing his knowledge.
Hensley started with the quote: “The knowledge of the Constitution by the people of Sint Maarten, will determine the level of development of their country”.
He then shared about the legal regulations in St. Maarten, whereas the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands is the highest regulation.
Furthermore, Hensley explained the Constitutional Court. The task of the Court is to assess the compatibility of a legal regulation that has been ratified, but has not taken effect as referred to in Article 81(g), with the exception of uniform national ordinances, 81(h), 81(i) and 81(j), with the Constitution. Assessment shall not take place if the provision of the Constitution does not lend itself for assessment.
Legal proceedings may be instituted only through a written request from the Ombudsman on the grounds of incompatibility with the Constitution, filed within six weeks of the ratification of the legal regulation, referred to in paragraph 2, except in the case of an urgent interest. In the event of an urgent interest, the Ombudsman is not admissible. By or pursuant to national ordinance further rules shall be laid down on urgent interests. Parliament may not approve such a draft national ordinance, or resolve to propose it for endorsement, without a majority of at least two thirds of the votes cast by the serving members.
The Ombudsman of Sint Maarten as the ‘Guardian of the Constitution’ has the authority to challenge newly ratified laws, which the Ombudsman considers to be in contravention with the Constitution.
Hensley concluded with some information on liquidity support and COHO. It was a very informative presentation, that encouraged a lot of questions and discussions. After the presentation SG Hensley Plantijn was presented with a Certificate of Presentation by Pres. Wayne on behalf of Mid Isle.