Sergio Blomont as our Guest Speaker.
On Tuesday September 14th, we had Sergio Blomont as our Guest Speaker.  He Shared about “The National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA)”.
Sergio Blomont is the Director of Human Resources and Facilities at the NIPA. He joined the NIPA in 2018, and his main interest is in the Technical Vocational Education System. Sergio started with sharing what NIPA is, and continue sharing about NIPA’s Vision, Mission and History.  Furthermore, the shared about the Strategic Priorities 2020-2022 and NIPA’s current initiatives. In 2017 NIPA received donations from ROC Mondrian in Carpentry, Automotive and Tile settling. In being an institute of vision, who makes purposeful strides in catering to the needs of the community, the National Institute of Professional Advancement (NIPA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2017, for the development of level 3 and 4 programs, with Colegio Educacion Profesional Intermedio (EPI). EPI is considered to be one of the leading Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management School in the Dutch Caribbean, located on “Dushi” Aruba. With the assistance of EPI, NIPA aspires to offer programs which include: a level 3 Associates of Applied Science of Food & Beverage and Culinary Arts, a level 4 Associates of Arts in Hotel, Leisure and Travel and a level 4+ Associate of Science degree in Hospitality Management.
Sergio explained about the different courses being offered at NIPA, such as: Hospitality, Culinary Arts, ICT, Carpentry, SPW, Associate in Nursing, Business Administration and Automotive Technician and Electrical Installation.
NIPA has engaged MIC- Institute Technology to execute ON ISLAND Construction courses - fully endorsed by the Government of Sint Maarten.
He also shared about the short courses and special projects that NIPA is undertaking.
Sergio closed by sharing about their future initiatives.
Sergio Blomont was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for his informative and inspiring presentation.