Beach Cleaner Joint Project of the Rotary Club of St. Maarten and St. Maarten- Mid Isle
On Friday March 19th,the official unveiling of the beach cleaner took place. The funds raised by the two clubs via the Heineken Regatta car raffles, were put towards the beach cleaner joint project of the Rotary Club of St. Maarten and the Rotary Club of  St. Maarten- Mid Isle. The remaining funds were raised by: the  Oyster Bay Resort, Apartment Owners of Coral Beach Club, Port St. Maarten, Beach Tech and SHTA. Credit should also go to the Heineken Regatta Foundation, as they too assisted in making this dream a reality. The Beach Cleaning Foundation a non-profit organization was established in December 2020. The purpose of the Foundation is to operate and maintain the equipment.  The foundation is a non-profit entity. Funds generated from the operation of the machine are allocated for direct operating
expenditures, and to generate capital reserves for future replacement of the machine or acquisition of additional equipment based on the needs.
The officers of the Foundation are: Ricardo Perez (President), John Caputo(Treasurer), and Marc Groeneveld (Secretary).  They are all non-paid volunteers.
Oyster Bay Beach Resort will provide free administration and accounting services to the foundation, excluding out of pocket expenses.
Coral Beach Club will provide day to day storage of the equipment.