Past President Naisha Lalwani of the Interact Club of St. Dominic High School spoke to us about her experience at the World Affairs Seminar 2020!

World Affairs Seminar Presentation by Past President Naisha Lalwani

On July 28th 2020 the Rotary Club of Sint Maarten - Mid Isle had Past President Naisha Lalwani of the St Dominic Interact Club present at the meeting to tell the Club about her experience at the World Affairs Seminar

This opportunity was made possible through incoming Assistant Governor Carla Card-Stubbs, who contacted New Generations Chair Jon Hart to ask if any of our Interact Club’s Past Presidents would like to join the World Affairs Seminar in District 6270.

 It was a 4-day online seminar, with about 300 participants in 32 countries

The theme was “Hunger in a World of Plenty.”

The seminar had 17 keynote speakers all varying in different topics.

One topic was about Hunger and the current Pandemic: how there is a bigger hunger issue now as soup kitchens, etc. could not function for some time because of health issues

They also spoke about Rethinking Hunger and the misconceptions about those who help feed the hungry. For example, in Africa and the Caribbean outsiders want to do good but their help is only for one moment not for long term sustainability.

In 2021, the World Affairs Seminar will be held between the 19th-25th June in Wisconsin, USA.

And the topic will be “Urban Life in a Changing World”.

Past President Naisha Lalwani spoke wonderfully and thanked the Club for sponsoring her participation at the World Affairs Seminar

The Club also had Assistant Governor Seymour Hodge at the meeting and he encouraged us to sponsor more youths to attend the World Affairs Seminar