Guest speaker Alert!
At our first weekly meeting of 2021,  we had Distinguish Toastmaster Rolando Tobias as our Guest Speaker .
Guest speaker Alert!
At our first Weekly Meeting of 2021, we had Distinguish Toastmaster Rolando Tobias as our Guest Speaker and the topic was” Dimensions of Service Leadership”
DTM Rolando started by saying:” As Rotary has chosen its theme as “Serve to change lives”, we need to ensure all members understand and can work to realize this theme”.
As serve is an action word, we must understand, particularly as leaders that we must bring the right qualities to the table if we want to truly move our members to action as they serve to change lives
He then shared about six dimensions of leadership that once learnt and properly executed will benefit you as a leader in any capacity for the rest of your life:
1)            Vision & Values
2)            Direction
3)            Persuasion
4)            Support
5)            Development
6)            Appreciation
These six dimensions of service leadership must be looked at in the context of getting the team to move to action and serve to change lives. The leader, who does not have the benefit of monetary compensation to get the team to perform, must develop these dimensions of leadership and apply consistently in order to achieve the desired results in getting the team to serve.
At the end of his presentation, President Wayne presented DTM Rolando Tobias with a Certificate of Appreciation for his wonderful and inspirational presentation on behalf of the club.